What a great app! Not only an app, but web based too. We were shown it in staff training last year, but its use in Music classes is limited. However, certain topics do allow for some good plenary/recap quizzes and I made a few quizzes for this purpose.

Again, the novelty of new ways of interacting with the teacher has had an effect on the students.
The class test results are consistently higher than previously. Students have revised and enjoy the whole experience; from logging in, to the various question formats.
It encourages accuracy as they are unable to go back and revisit a question. They know the answer or they don’t.
Then, exporting a report to open in ‘numbers’ is a fabulous way of collating the answers, seeing who has achieved correct answers and monitoring the types of variety in answers is so straightforward. All the information is on screen, without any need for tweaking.
Students again benefit from instant feedback, giving a sense of empowerment in their answering.
Sharing a quiz across the departmental staff is equally straightforward.

Today was a test on ‘Blues’ but it was equally successful with ‘ Elements of music’ tests. There’s no doubt, the students are more engaged.