With a new intake of first years, all from differing musical backgrounds, and all with their new IPad 3s, the best approach is probably to follow these students over the next three years. Their iPads will be equipped with GarageBand, keyz and some other free apps as well.
The students become very adept at mastering the basics of iPads, iTunes and the communication skills that come inherent in these devices. But the challenge for me is: can we help them to use these fantastic devices to gain a better understanding of music and its relevant place in our contemporary culture? This must be a meaningful understanding, not a superficial, appreciative overview.
Then, for the more advanced first year, how can they further progress their skills using iPads and apps?
Having taught already for a year using 1:1 iPad 2, I am coming to this with some experience, but these wide and often novel experiences need to be further honed to meet the needs of a statutory curriculum.
Before beginning to look at teaching through the iPad medium, there must firstly be a very clear picture of the expected outcomes. How do the statutory requirements actually produce musicians? Do they actually produce musicians? I think not.
What valuable experiences do the students take from curricular music? What mindset do we, as music teachers, need to adopt to create a fulfilling and formative music course?
Over the course of the next three years, I hope to address this issues with my own classroom experiences and my own thoughts and reflections.
I have no need to be followed, I am keeping a written account for myself. However, this technology works best when ideas are shared, and if we can work collaboratively, in a digital hub, then we can only benefit as teachers.